A five minute catch-up with Sam Evans…

This week we caught up with Sam Evans, our Manager Designate for Powys.

Abacare, Sam Evans

Sam has a degree level qualification in Strategic Management and is a recognised BILD accredited trainer in physical interventions in adult settings.

In spring 2014, we won a significant contract to supply care in North Powys for Powys Council.

Sam joined Abacare in 2014 and used his extensive skills in adult services and challenging behaviours to assist us in handling the largest transition of adult services in the county’s history when we took on the contract for Powys Council.

How did you start out in care Sam?

“I am a registered manager who has worked with vulnerable people for more than 10 years in a variety of settings. I have a track record of delivering training and support in person-centred services.

“I began working with adults with learning difficulties in 2003, assisting individuals to live a fulfilled life within their own community. In 2005 I started to specialise in assisting adults who have challenging behaviours and became a recognised BILD accredited trainer in physical interventions in adult settings.

“I continued to work with adults who exhibit potentially dangerous behaviours and moved into the area of challenging behaviours in older people suffering for degenerative conditions.

“In 2010, I became a Senior Manager with a provider organisation and continued to engage in the subject of policy making in adult services, sitting on various committees on the subject of adult services and mental capacity forums.”

What have your achievements been so far since joining Abacare?

“So far I have helped Abacare make impressive steps in consolidating the services of North Powys, offering the client group a service that is both professional and flexible.

“Our success was such that we were asked to take on more provision from failing providers and we continue to grow while maintaining excellent services as shown by our recent CSSIW report.

“I continue to lead services that work in true partnership with the local authorities, including innovative projects and new ways of working at seek to provide and ever improving service for adults in rural environments.”