Dementia – time for a better way of life

We’re experts in dementia care and over the years have developed different techniques for different people suffering with the disorder.

Some of the techniques we use regularly are:

Life story books and boxes

A booklet that is added to frequently, detailing a person’s past life, their culture, their family, work, hobbies, fun times etc.

Reality orientation

Reminders about where they are, the time, the day, where we are, what we are doing, when we are eating etc


A service user we support loves to sing and enjoys musicals. We encourage this and take her to church choir music sessions, watch DVDs of old musicals that she chooses, and have the radio on if she wishes. If a person is mobile, it can be fun to dance too!


We do have times when a service user asks for their partner or other, we do not tell them that they had died as this would gain nothing other than upsetting them again and again. We simply divert by asking them questions about their partner or mother and try to focus on the good memories that they have. Sharing good times and memories is very rewarding for both the service user and the carer.