Our I-care initiative

Abacare I-care initiativeAs part of our I-care initiative to deliver faster and more focused person-centred outcomes, we have embraced the latest technology to help our carers perform their roles more effectively and efficiently.

Staff use smart phones, laptops and tablets to enable them to react quickly to various issues and log them in real time.

Using technology means they are able to react fast to any rota gaps and to not only fill these, so service users don’t miss out on any support they need, but to also ensure carers with the right personality attributes are always assigned to them.

We are also able to use them on all spot checks or investigations that we carry out and we can take and upload pictures of any issues and send them back to the office straight away. All files are kept completely up-to-date and the technology has helped speed up reactions in relation to particular events.

We believe the I-care initiative is original, however other care organisations may use similar technology. But we feel they are unlikely to link it with the personality matching we do between our service users and carers or to use it to deliver greater person-centred care.

The I-care system means that if a bespoke carer is ever ill or off work for other reasons then a highly suitable replacement can be drafted in quickly and seamlessly.

There is significant investment in terms of training as part of the project. Each carer receives thousands of pounds of training and development and on-going support. There is also additional investment in the equipment required for those in the field, the software and the infrastructure back at base.

Technology can help save money while also enhancing the service to ensure the user is given a better quality of life.