Providing personality matches for our service users

Elderly people are the most at risk of loneliness and social isolation and it can leave them feeling cut off from the outside world.

According to the Campaign to End Loneliness more than 51% of people aged 75 and over live alone. Research has also found that two fifths of older people say the television is their main company.

Elderly Loneliness

Many of our service users are elderly and live alone so to combat potential social isolation we encourage our carers to chat with them and be a friend. Before designating a carer to a service user we can make sure both of their personalities match up, giving the service user someone they can trust and get on with on a daily basis.

We believe providing emotional care is just as important as the physical and we are doing our upmost to make sure our service users don’t feel lonely or isolated.

It is an advantage if our care workers have some similar interests to our service users so they have something in common and something they can talk about on a regular basis. We want our service users to feel completely comfortable in their own homes and to consider their carer as a friend.