Stay safe in your own home

Stay safe at homeMany of our service users live alone and although they have carers popping in on a daily basis, there is a majority of their time when they are at home alone.

Older and vulnerable people are more prone to accidents in and around the home, so we have put together a list of top tips you can follow to stay safe in your own home or use to advise an elderly relative or friend:

  • Ensure items are not left in walkways or on stairs as they can be a tripping hazard.
  • Limit the amount of rugs/carpets and mats on the floors.
  • Make sure the home is well lit and there is a bedside lamp within easy reach.
  • Avoid having any cables or wiring trailing on the floor which could potentially cause a fall.
  • Make sure any gas appliances are serviced annually.
  • Make sure carbon monoxide, burglar and smoke alarms are fitted.
  • Place hand rails around door frames, in bathrooms and anywhere else it may be tricky to move through.
  • Always have an emergency contact number in place that is within easy reach.