Taking care of carers

Many people who care for loved ones often don’t give themselves a well-earned rest.

Respite care

Looking after someone can become physically and emotionally overwhelming especially if the carer also has work and other family commitments.

It is extremely important that a caregiver has their own life away from caring in order to normalise themselves, even if it’s just the chance to run errands or simply have a cuppa and stare out of the window. It’s also important they have social relationships to avoid depression and isolation and be able to talk to friends about non-care issues.

If you’re a carer for a relative or family friend you need to remember to give yourself a break and should not feel guilty or selfish about doing so. As a carer, you are relied upon heavily and if you are not running at your full potential it will impact on the standard of care you are giving.

Taking a break from caring is also good for the person you’re caring for. It allows them to see a new face on a regular basis and reduces any stress that might build between the two of you.

We’re able to offer respite care on a short-term basis to enable you to have a well-earned rest.

Find out about our respite care service here.