Dementia sufferers can stay at home thanks to our care

Abacare dementia careThanks to the care we provide, more and more dementia sufferers are able to stay in the comfort of their own homes rather than move into long-term residential care.

We offer one-to-one bespoke support for people living with the syndrome so they do not need to leave their familiar surroundings or their pets.

People with family or close friends suffering from dementia often don’t realise that their loved ones can stay in their own house or flat instead of moving into an unfamiliar residential home.

Experts advise that those with dementia should try to remain as independent as possible and continue their daily routine, which our carers help with. They provide 24-hour support and encourage autonomy, as well as offer kindness and understanding.

Having a diagnosis of dementia doesn’t mean that sufferers should lose control of their life or independence. Many people continue to live fulfilled and happy lives for many years.

We have a committed team that is able to provide specialist live-in care for people with dementia, as well as those with physical disabilities and neurological needs.

There are a variety of benefits for those receiving live-in care. Having a personal carer can give the service user peace of mind that their every need will be taken care of and they will also be able to enjoy their carer’s company and conversation.

Our personal carers live in the individual’s home and support them with their everyday medical and personal needs. We are able to provide a carer whose personality matches up with the person they are caring for, giving them someone they can trust and get on with on a daily basis. Find out more about our live-in care services here.