Our Connect & Collect scheme for carers

Abacare Connect & Collect schemeOne of the perks of working for Abacare is having access to our Connect & Collect scheme, which allows you to save money on products and get exclusive discounts with major retailers, including Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Boots and Argos, that aren’t available anywhere else.

As a member of staff, once you have signed up you will have access to a website full of discounts and there are three main ways you can save money – in store, online or via InstantInStore.


Can be purchased instore or online. Use the scheme to buy a gift card at a reduced rate, getting your discount up front, and you get to spend the voucher how and when you want.

Instant voucher

Can be purchased on InstantInStore. Some retailers offer an instant voucher, for example, if you are buying a movie ticket, you can pay for it from your phone while you’re in the cinema lobby. You can access the scheme via your phone, which will show a barcode, which the cinema will scan for entry.


Online only. Some retailers will award you cash back when you make an online transaction via the scheme. This cash back is saved to your Connect & Collect account and can be withdrawn or used towards purchases from other retailers.


Online. When purchasing online you will be eligible for various discounts from retailers.

There are nearly 900 retailers on the Connect & Collect site and discount deals rotate each month.

Our Recruitment and HR Officer, Amanda Dingli, is a regular user of the scheme and said: “Since October (2016), I myself have saved £134.20 by using the discount scheme to purchase things like car insurance, flowers, airport parking and Argos vouchers.

“When new employees sign up to the scheme, I really enjoy promoting this benefit as there are discounts in places that you would not even think of. I tell them before they buy anything, to type what they want in the search box and any relevant discounts will be shown. It is one of the perks of working with Abacare.”