Mindfulness for the elderly

Mindfulness for the elderlyPractising mindfulness is the new trend of the moment and benefits those of us living increasingly stressful lives. The idea of it is to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings in a calm way, which we think is not only beneficial for those with busy lifestyles, but is also beneficial for our service users and other elderly people too.

Practising mindfulness can improve a person’s emotional and physical wellbeing, and not only help ease stress, but also depression and anxiety.

The elderly are more likely to experience physical health problems, with associated psychological issues, including reduced mobility and depression. Practising mindfulness can help older people focus on abilities, rather than inabilities, helping them feel more engaged.

Practising mindfulness is simple to do too. You just need five minutes of peace and quiet to train the mind to stop wandering and focus instead on observing your breathing or one object and looking it in detail. It doesn’t have to just be five minutes within one day when you practice mindfulness, it can be done a lot more regularly by focusing on something in the moment, whether it be doing a jigsaw puzzle or visiting the beach, as long as your thoughts are not allowed to wander. Just be in that moment.