Stress busting tips for carers

Working in care can be a busy and stressful job so it’s important that all carers learn how to relax properly once they’ve clocked off for the day.

We’ve put together some stress busting tips you can follow:

Switch off

Switch off or put mobile phones on silent. Turn off any work emails and enjoy spending your time with family, friends or even on your own.

Get some fresh air

Get out and about in the great outdoors either walking in the park or somewhere a bit more rugged. It’s important to get a change of scenery where your mind can really relax. Alternatively, spending some time in the garden helps too.

Get lost in a book or magazine

Reading is a great way to escape and get away with it all. It’s also a great way to get away from the light from laptops and screens.

Get plenty of sleep

Making sure you get plenty of sleep is vital. It’s important to cut out caffeine a couple of hours before bed and shut down any laptops or tablets so your brain can switch off ready for you to snuggle down for a good night’s sleep.