Could respite care be for you and your loved-one?

Everywhere you go you are surrounded by carers, without even knowing it! Many of them are unpaid and caring for family members alongside full-time jobs and family commitments.

Respite care

If you’re providing care for someone, you need to remember how important it is that you get some well-earned rest, otherwise you won’t possibly be able to provide care to the best of your ability. We can provide short-term respite support if you’re in need of a break.

For a minimum of two weeks, we can provide an experienced and fully-trained live-in carer to come in and continue the care for your loved-one. This helps reduce avoidable hospital admission and means there is little disruption to your loved-one’s regular day and their care plan.

Our respite care is centred on you, your loved one and your home. We have many families that ask us for on-going respite as this enables them to plan their breaks throughout the year in advance, often benefitting from the same carer each time.

The benefits of respite care

  • It provides a break for you as the carer and your loved-one. It can be refreshing to see a different face and get to know someone new.
  • It provides additional support, which improves the coping ability of both parties
  • Having a professional carer come in can help you too as they will be happy to answer any questions you might have and be able to advise on your loved-one’s current care plan.

You can find out more about our respite care services here. Alternatively, we have also put together a blog post of tips you can follow on a daily basis to help alleviate stress.