Could live-in care be right for your loved-one?

Did you know we’re able to provide 24 hour live-in support to anyone who may require it?

If your loved-one is requiring more care more regularly, moving into residential care isn’t the only option available to you. We can provide a live-in carer for them to help avoid the upheaval that comes with moving into a home. They’ll be able to receive all the care they need at home in familiar surrounding with all their favourite things and belongings nearby – this is great for helping to retain independence and especially beneficial if they are suffering with dementia as it helps to reduce any confusion.

Our live-in carers can assist your loved-one with getting in and out of bed as well as dressing and undressing.

They’re also able to help with personal care, washing, making meals and managing medication. They can monitor and report back on health and care changes, but most importantly they allow your loved-one to retain some independence. They can continue with their daily routines and any hobbies they might have too.

If stipulated in their care plan, our carers are able to assist with any pets your loved-one might have too. We believe it’s super important that service users are allowed to remain at home with pets as they can play a big role in their owner’s health and quality of life, as they get older, as it is said they can help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and are great for increasing social and physical activity. You can read more about the benefits of pets for elderly here.

Your loved-one will be able to get to know their live-in carer and build trust and confidence in them and ultimately have a companion they can share concerns with or simply have a chat with.

Having a live-in carer will also give you peace of mind that your loved-one is being well looked after at all times if it’s not possible for you to pop in and check on them regularly. The carer can also give you updates and discuss any issues or changes to their care plan.

You can find out more about our live-in care services here.