Healthy drink ideas for the elderly

We recently shared our tips for the elderly to eat well here on our blog, but we understand for many elderly people it can be difficult for them to chew or swallow food, so we’ve put together our top drinks/smoothie ideas for the elderly so they can still get the right levels of vitamins and nutrients into their diet.

Help anti-ageing

Blitz together blackcurrants, apple and grapes for a delicious drink full of vitamins E and C, which are the most effective vitamins for fighting the ageing process.

Aid digestion

To help aid digestion you could juice together pineapple, water and yogurt, which will help restore the good bacteria in the gut.

Ease joint pain

Leeks have great anti-inflammatory properties and when juiced with carrots and parsley, make a refreshing drink, which will help ease joint pain.

Ward off colds

Carrots, garlic and parsley make a great anti-oxidant based drink and the garlic has anti-viral properties too, which will help prevent colds.

Control blood pressure

Spinach, which is full of potassium, juiced with blackcurrants can help to control blood pressure.

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