The future of the care industry

The face of care is evolving with more complex needs and person-centred care, enabling agencies to work closely with service users to ensure positive outcomes and determine support needed.

The future of the care industry

Staff recruitment and training is paramount if we’re to introduce young people into the sector. We have our own in-house training with expert trainers and are continually expanding our team and courses. If you’re interested in joining our team, you can find out more about our training here.

When recruiting new staff we actively search for candidates that understand they need to be committed to the sector and open to the fact that service users wish to form friendships with their carers as they are allowing them into the privacy of their homes.

Serving rural communities and having great carer and service user relationships is what gives us our Welsh rural touch.

By the end of 2017 we hope to be delivering more than 25,000 hours of care, including dementia care.

Technology will play a bigger role in the next five to 10 years and we’re working towards a paperless environment using iPads, iPhones and call monitoring as well as mapping software to ensure efficient care runs – you can read more about our I-care initiative here.

We’ll also see councils procure services through a variety of ways from agencies tendering for regions to spot purchasing. Agencies will need to demonstrate a variety of capabilities from financial sustainability and consistent CSSIW reports to ensure the services being procured are safe and sound.

We’re an agency for the future with commitment to driving standards, through excellent training, audit of the services we provide and technology.