Job interviews by FaceTime for busy candidates

BUSY jobseekers from Wales are being offered the chance this month (November, 2017) to have their job interviews via FaceTime or similar interactive technologies.

A leading care provider in the area is launching the initiative for those who are time poor or unable to travel to their offices for interviews due to other work commitments.

Peter Angelides, CEO at the award-winning Abacare, said: “We want to be as flexible as possible and to meet the demands of the modern jobseeker. Our view is that busy people wanting a career change can ‘meet’ us via FaceTime or similar applications and find out about the roles we have to offer, as well as meet a couple of team members and, if they are about, also say ‘hello’ to a carer too.”

Speaking virtually face-to-face with candidates can give an interviewer a better understanding of the applicant.

By doing this as a first round interview, it can help the hiring team narrow down who will make it to the second round, more so than via a phone interview.

“We recognise that people don’t talk as much as they used to, so this is a way of connecting the old with the new, marrying technology with good old fashioned face-to-face communication and bringing us very much into the digital era.

“We also realise this is quite an innovative way to interview and of course it relates just to the initial interview stage of the process, and gives the applicant the chance to see us and find out about what we do before even may be taking their application further. It’s very much a way of us being able to showcase what we can offer potential employees too, so it’s not just about the candidate being under the spotlight.”

“We’re now offering FaceTime or Skype first interviews to all our relevant applicants who are applying for the wide range of jobs available on our website.”