How the elderly can get involved with Christmas celebrations

Christmas is a great time for families to get together and in our battle to combat social isolation and loneliness, we think it is especially important to make sure elderly loved-ones, friends and even neighbours feel included in the celebrations. If you have an elderly relative or neighbour attending your Christmas Day celebrations, then make sure you get them involved as much as possible with our top tips:

Spend time with the grandchildren

It’s days such as Christmas Day where the elderly can spend precious time with any grandchildren they might have, so while you’re busy cooking the lunch, why not get the kids and grandparents together in a room and have them take part in an activity together. It could be anything from doing some Christmas crafts, a jigsaw puzzle or even watching a Christmas movie together.

You could also get the family photo albums out as children love hearing about family members and seeing pictures of them – this is also great for the elderly to reminisce and helps refresh their memories.

Help in the kitchen

If they’re mobile enough, why not encourage your elderly relative or friend to help out in the kitchen so they feel a part of the big day. They can help prepare dessert, do some peeling or chopping and they might even have their own recipes to pass down. It will allow you to spend precious time with them and you can have a chat and a catch up at the same time.

Set the table

The setting of the Christmas Day table is an important job and so giving it to an elderly visitor will really help them feel involved with the day. Allow them to decorate however they fancy and decide who sits with whom.

Play a family game

Christmas is all about games with the family, so make sure your elderly loved-one takes part too. They could get involved with charades, a card game or ask them if there was a game they used to play at Christmas when they were younger that you could all have a go at.