Christmas gift ideas for the elderly

Trying to find Christmas gifts for an elderly family member, friend or neighbour can be tricky as they usually already have everything they need.

They’re not usually interested in the latest gadgets and technology and don’t have the space for anything too big, so we have put together a list of gift ideas to help you out:

Care package/hamper

Rain, harsh winds and even snow and ice at this time of year can make it increasingly difficult for the elderly and vulnerable to get out of the house on a regular basis to run errands or get any shopping they need, meaning they could go days without leaving the house and go without essential items, so why not put together a care package or hamper of bits and bobs that will tide them over? We’ve put together a list of items to include here.

Pocket games/puzzle books/colouring books

These are great for keeping the elderly mind active, especially during those few quiet days between Christmas Day and New Year. Adult colouring books are also great for reducing stress and anxiety.

Memory journal

Memory books and journals are great for prompting memories in the elderly and are especially useful for those in the early stages of dementia as many of them include questions for the user to answer about their childhood and years gone by.

There are also memory journals available that an elderly person can use for the current day. They can jot down all their thoughts, reminders, notes and what they’ve done that day so they can look back on it if needed.


A practical gift that will keep them warm during the cold weather and one they can re-use again and again each year. If it’s handmade then even better!

Books/Audio books

Books are always a great gift idea for the elderly as they can help take their mind off things and helps reduce stress and anxiety. If the elderly person you’re buying for doesn’t have great eyesight, then audio books are a brilliant alternative if they have a smartphone or tablet, as they can still get lost in another world without straining their eyes.

Magazine subscription

If the elderly person you’re buying for has a particular interest or hobby, why not buy them a subscription to a magazine all about it. Craft magazines in particular are great as there are lots of projects inside for the reader to do and keep themselves busy with.

The gift of your time

Simply dedicating your time to an elderly loved-one, friend or neighbour is their idea of a great gift. Book out some time in your diary and spend it at home playing games, reminiscing and chatting over a cuppa or lunch, or get out and about and spend the day together. It will be something they really cherish.