Share a Boxing Day walk with elderly neighbours

We are encouraging people to share a Boxing Day walk with any elderly neighbours to help keep them active and combat loneliness during the festive period (December, 2017).

Inviting an elderly neighbour on a Boxing Day walk can really brighten their day and it’s good for them too as walking is a form of exercise.

Christmas can be one of the loneliest times of the year for the elderly, especially if they don’t have family living close by. We know lots of families make it a tradition to go on a walk on Boxing Day and it would be great if they could spare a thought for any elderly friends, relatives or neighbours who might like to join them.

Many elderly people won’t see any family during the festive period, so an invitation of joining a walk could really brighten their day and it would get them out of the house and into the fresh air. Walking is great for the elderly too as it can help keep the heart strong by increasing the heart rate. It can also improve their mood and mental well-being and help reduce stress.

If your elderly friend, relative or neighbour enjoys the walk, why not make it a weekly or monthly occurrence? Walking is a great way for the elderly to socialise too as you can not only chat together but also chat to other people out on their family walks too. It is a great way to get the community together and we hope lots of people take up our idea.