Beat social isolation by volunteering

It’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution, so why not take up volunteering in your local community?

It is a good way to stay healthy as getting out and about is a great form of exercise, no matter what age you are, and the sense of fulfilment is good for the mind too.

A study by the Royal Voluntary Service found that volunteering in later life helped decrease depression and social isolation, something we’re big on tackling within the elderly here. It was also found to boost quality of life and life satisfaction.

It can also help people come to terms with their own illness if they have one and take their mind off any other problems they might have.

Volunteering is a great way to get out and about and meet new people, which is vital for older people who might be lonely and struggling to integrate into their community. It can also bring back your self-esteem and keep you motivated, with something to aim for in your day.

If you or a loved-one is interested in volunteering, check out the links below to volunteering opportunities in your area, or simply pop into a charity shop close by to see how you can help.

Volunteering can also help boost your job prospects if you’re currently looking for employment.

It’s a great way of polishing up your CV, improving your skills and self-confidence, meeting new and interesting people and helping the community.

While new employees who join us don’t have to have any experience as we provide full, free training, volunteer work always looks great on the CV and lets your employer know how much of a hard-working and reliable individual you are.