Home aids to help elderly retain independence

We think it is so important for the elderly to be able to remain in their own home when receiving care as it does wonders for their independence and state of mind.

There are small things you can do around an elderly loved-one’s home to adapt it for their old age, such as installing hand rails, to help them move around more freely and we’ve put together a list of handy gadgets they can use to help care for themselves while at home if a carer or family member is not around.

Non-slip bath mat 

While our carers can help service users with washing, if an elderly person wants to do it themselves, it’s important they remain safe while doing so and so installing a non-slip bath mat into a bath or shower is a good way to help avoid any accidents.

Pill dispenser 

Sticking to a medication regime is essential, especially for an elderly person, so if your loved-one sometimes struggles to remember to take pills, then a pill dispenser can come in extremely handy. Pills can be organised into the dispenser into sections labelled with the days of the week on so your loved-one takes the correct ones on the correct days. Our carers are also able to help elderly service users with medication should they need it.

Button aid 

A handy gadget that looks very much like a needle threader can be used to help the elderly button their clothing or pull up zips with ease. If it’s still too tricky for them then you can purchase clothing that is specially made to be easy to fasten.

Hearing aid dryer/freshener

Maintaining general hygiene is extremely important, so if youre elderly loved-one uses a hearing aid, it’s important it is kept clean. You can buy a handy gadget that will clean and freshen hearing aids to a high standard, which in turn will help prevent ear infections that can arise from unclean hearing aids. It’s also very handy if your loved-one can’t easily stand at a sink and wash them manually.