Wendy’s carers battle bad weather to provide support

Wendy Holder from Welshpool says her carers went above and beyond for her and still carried out their duties despite recent bad weather (January, 2018).

Our carers battled through harsh weather, including snow, to make sure Wendy received the support she needed.

Wendy said: “I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to the office staff and carers at Abacare who have organised my care during the recent bad weather. I feel they have gone above and beyond what is expected to carry out the care that people like myself need.

“In the recent bad weather, including heavy snow, I thought there was little chance that my carers would be able to reach me, but they are an outstanding bunch and made sure they got to me and that I was looked after. I am lucky to have them caring for me and I know I no longer have to worry should there be any more bad weather in the future.”

Sam Evans, Registered Manager at our Powys office, said: “We were thrilled to receive such positive feedback from our service user Wendy. It is great to hear how happy people are with our services and it makes it all worthwhile for us.

“No matter what the weather, and it can become quite extreme here in Wales, we will always do everything in our power to get to all of our service users. The support from families, Abacare staff and members of the public has been outstanding.

“We would encourage anyone wishing to assist in helping carers reach their destinations in poor weather to get in touch with us on 01686 625644 as Powys in the winter can be a beautiful but isolating county.

“We’d like to thank Wendy for her kind words and I would also like to congratulate our carers on doing such a fantastic job. They are caring, honest and reliable individuals, which are the three key attributes we look for in our employees, and they are a real credit to us, going the extra mile without hesitation.”