The benefits of Pilates for the ageing population

Many people are under the impression that exercise is just for younger, more mobile individuals, but gentle forms of exercise, such as Pilates, are great for all ages, especially older people and the ageing population as it improves physical and mental health, builds strength and improves posture.

Pilates targets the hips and joints and can help increase flexibility. It’s a very gentle exercise, so is great for those who might be slower and less mobile than others and can help reduce lower back pain, which more than 80% of the ageing population suffer with.

Exercise in the elderly is not all about moving fast and getting out of breath, it needs to be controlled and the key is to focus on maintaining a fitness level to the best of your abilities.

The result of successful being involved with Pilates is a strong core, which helps improve balance and coordination, limiting the risk of trips and falls.

It is also great for building strength and tone and is known for being a stress reliever.

Pilates is a weight baring exercise, which means it is ideal for the elderly as it helps keep their bones healthy and strong. It is also ideal for people recovering from an injury, illness or suffering from any activity that involves repetitive movements.

As well as physical benefits, Pilates is also great for brain activity. Practicing regularly engages the mind and helps you to understand your body and how it moves, which can be applied to everyday life.