The benefits of singing for the elderly

Do you ever find yourself singing a couple of lines of your favourite song and instantly feel your mood picking up? That is because singing directly impacts the emotional regulators within the brain and releases chemicals such as dopamine, which make us all feel happier.

There are many benefits to singing, especially for the elderly. It is great for improving brain functionality and it allows people to reach parts of the brain in ways other forms of communication cannot, making it great for anyone with dementia.

Singing can also reduce anxiety and depression thanks to the release of mood boosting chemicals into the body.

Joining a choir or singing group is also great for the elderly to build new relationships, meet new people and improve their overall quality of life. In a group they’ll learn to control breathing with singing and it’s great for improving self-confidence and tackling loneliness.

We’ve researched some singing groups that are taking on new members, but if these don’t take your fancy, simply singing more at home can do wonders for your brain and mood.

Newtown and District Male Voice Choir

Newtown Harmony Choir

Cardiff Bach Choir

Golden Oldies

The Alzheimer’s Society runs a Singing for the Brain service, which uses singing to bring people together in a friendly and stimulating environment. Find out more here.