Mother’s Day gift ideas for the elderly

As mums get older it becomes harder and harder to choose gifts for them for special occasions such as Mother’s Day (Sunday, March 11, 2018). Quite often, they’ve got everything they need and there’s not much else they want, so we’ve put together some practical and enjoyable gift suggestions to help you find something to help show mum how much you care.

Days out

Why not surprise mum on Mother’s Day with a voucher for a day out together once the weather warms up a bit? You can’t go wrong with a visit to a National Trust property where you can enjoy a lovely stroll in picturesque surroundings and maybe even indulge in an afternoon tea too. Your mum will certainly treasure the time you can both spend together, whatever it is you’re doing.

Electric hot water bottle

If mum suffers from aches and pains then the Noozie electric hot water bottle can help ease them during cold weather. This heat controlled warmer cuts the risk of an elderly person scalding themselves with boiling water when filling up a traditional hot water bottle as this is a pre-filled and sealed unit, which heats to 65 degrees. It is rechargeable via the mains in 10 – 12 minutes and stays warm for between three to six hours. It’s also cordless and super soft and cuddly. Find it here.

Talking photo album

A talking photo album installed with pre-recorded audio messages from family or friends alongside photographs is a fantastic gift for an elderly mum with dementia, Alzheimer’s or any other kind of cognitive loss. While images on their own can stir forgotten memories, having a bit of extra information about the snap they’re looking at can really help.

Magazine subscription

If your mum has a particular interest or hobby, why not buy her a subscription to a magazine all about it? Craft magazines in particular are great as there are lots of projects inside for the reader to do and keep themselves busy with. Find magazine subscriptions here.

Simple Music Player

Music can bring great pleasure to an elderly person, particularly if they live alone, however modern players can be tricky for older people to navigate. The Simple Music Player, which was made especially for people with dementia, but is ideal for anyone who finds modern technology difficult to use, is a great gift idea so mum can enjoy some of her favourite songs whenever she fancies. You can preload it with hundreds of her favourite songs and it has just three controls for her to master.