How you can help the elderly feel less alone at Easter

Much like Christmas, Easter can be a particularly lonely time for the elderly, especially for those who live alone.

For many gone are the days of watching the children hunt for Easter eggs around the house or tucking into an Easter Sunday lunch with the whole family around the table.

At Easter many people and families take full advantage of the long weekend to book a break away or get stuck into household projects, which elderly relatives can often be forgotten.

We’re encouraging you to check in on your elderly relatives and neighbours over the break.

If you’re staying at home and working on various projects you could make time to pop in on a relative or neighbour yourself or even have them visit you if it is possible. Easter is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family and we want people to remember the older generation at this time. Anything you can do to put a smile on their face will be a big help.

If you’re able to visit an elderly relative, friend or neighbour or have them over to yours, then why not get them and the kids together for a variety of Easter activities. You could have them try crafts such as Easter basket or bonnet making and hold a traditional Easter egg hunt, as long as your visitor is mobile enough.

You could even have them do some baking together, making Easter biscuits, cakes or even chocolate bunnies. Whatever activity you chose, this is a great way to help the elderly feel much more involved at this time of year and it can really brighten their day and even their week.