Our carers become ‘part of the family’

When we assign carers to a service user they can often become good friends as they will sometimes see each other every day or a couple of times per week. Some of our service users live alone and often don’t have family living close by or visiting regularly, so our carers can be the only face they see on a regular basis and the only person they have to talk to about all their problems or their latest news.

Our carers can often be considered by a service user as a part of the family because they are seen so often and our service users trust them completely.

One of our service users, 89-year-old Betty Polkinhorne from Treycynon, says that she considers her Abacare carers to be a part of her family and she is keen to disprove the misconception that receiving care can be like having strangers in your home.

She says her carers, Cerys Harding, Vanessa Dunley, Maria Rogers and Karen Curtis, have been a great source of support to her.

She said: “I have been receiving care from Cerys, Vanessa, Karen and Maria since 2016 and at first I thought it would be uncomfortable to have people I didn’t know coming into my home to care for me, but they were all extremely friendly, helpful and caring and put me at ease straight away.

“I never thought that I would consider my carers to be more like a part of my extended family, but they have been incredible and I really look forward to seeing them as they brighten my day.”

As part of our campaign to tackle social isolation we purposely match up carers and service users with similar interests and personalities so they have something in common and something to chat about to make the transition much easier. In this case it has worked fantastically well.

It is particularly important in more rural areas of the country, such as Aberdare, as sometimes our carers are the only faces our service users will see each day.

Carer Cerys said: “I am thrilled to hear how happy Betty is with the care that we provide. Visiting her is a highlight of our day and we get on extremely well, it is lovely to hear that she considers us to be part of her extended family and we definitely feel the same way.

“I really enjoy working as a carer as I meet lots of lovely service users and the Abacare team are great to work with. Working in care is very rewarding and a fantastic industry to make a career for yourself in, which I am in the process of doing. I would recommend working in care to anyone who is kind and caring and wants to help others as they might find it can be their vocation in life.”