Activities for the elderly to do at Easter

Last week we blogged about the importance of helping the elderly feel less alone at Easter, so if you’re planning on having an elderly relative, friend or neighbour over to your house or you’re planning on paying them a visit and spending the day together, then we’ve put together some helpful ideas for activities you could do together:

Go for a walk

If the British weather is on your side then why not take a walk together? It’s a great way to clear away the cobwebs and it’s also good for your elderly loved-one to get some fresh air and exercise and the walk will help generally lift their mood.

Why not look into local National Trust sites or pretty gardens nearby that you can explore as a family?

These will often have good parking facilities and safe paths to walk on, as well as a café or restaurant where you can enjoy a cuppa.

Visitor attractions like these may provide wheelchairs and motability scooters for visitors to use too.

But call in advance to check availability and to avoid disappointment.

Play some family games

If the family is altogether then it is a great idea to play some traditional games together. Anything from an old fashioned puzzle to a board game or even a game of cards, anything that will get everyone talking and enjoying some time together. If any grandchildren are around then they can even help an elderly relative, family friend or neighbour play a game or two on their mobile phone or tablet.

Get the photo albums out

Photo albums are a great way for the generations to get to know each other better. The photos will bring back memories for an elderly person, helping brain functions, and the younger family members can learn more about the history of their family.

Visit church/special Easter services and events together

Many elderly folk may be interested in attending an Easter church service, so why not go together? Alternatively if church isn’t for you, research any other special Easter services or events going on in your area.

Do some Easter crafting

Doing some Easter crafting is a great way to help keep the elderly mind active and is perfect if grandchildren are in attendance too. Why not try an Easter basket or bonnet making, decorate eggs or craft an Easter wreath? You could even hold a small family competition to see who makes the best item.

Do some cooking

A great way to help an elderly person feel more involved is to have them help out in the kitchen, especially if you’re cooking up a traditional Easter Sunday roast dinner. Even giving them simple tasks such as washing, chopping or peeling can be great for helping them feel more included.

If a big roast dinner isn’t on the menu, then why not try some easy Easter biscuits or a cake?

If you aren’t able to dedicate your time to an activity, then simply popping in to check on a loved-one is a great way to show you care. Just stopping for a quick cup of tea and a chat can really help boost their mood and not feeling lonely. If you can’t visit in person, a phone call will help too.