Top tips for elderly to save on energy bills in summer

We all tend to take precautions in the winter when it comes to energy costs, but we should also be cautious in the summer months too.

Using electricity to power non-essential equipment, having more showers or baths and using large, powerful fans can mean costs add up. This can really affect the elderly who are often on a limited budget or pension.

If you or an elderly loved-one, friend or neighbour want to cut the costs of your energy bills this summer, then follow our top tips:

  • Start by checking the temperature in your home – a safe household summer temperature is 18°C.
  • Let the home fill with natural light by keeping any curtains open for as long as it is light outside. The rays coming in will also heat the home naturally and natural sunlight is a great mood booster too. However, in heatwave scenarios, keeping curtains and blinds closed during the day can keep rooms cooler.
  • Switch off lights – in the summer we can have more than 12 hours of daylight, so there is no need to have household lights on unless you have a particularly dark room or an elderly person has sight problems
  • Any lights that do need to be on should be changed to LED ones. You can find LED replacements for almost all fittings and the light emitting diode technology delivers up to 90% savings on lighting bills
  • Installing solar panels is a great way to generate your own energy from the sunshine and although there is an initial installation fee, the panels will eventually pay for themselves by saving you money on your electricity bills
  • If you’re showering more often in the summer, you can install a shower monitor to help you keep an eye on how much water you’re using. In the summer months it’s a good idea to keep showers short and use less water in your bath
  • Switch off and unplug electrical appliances that are left on standby as this can be a big drain on electricity.