Tips for reducing water usage at home

We recently blogged about our top tips for the elderly to help them stay frugal and one of those tips was to be careful when watering the garden as this can use lots of water, costing you or your loved-one money.

Conserving water has become more important with our ever changing climate. It should not be treated as a throw away product but as a valuable natural resource. Water usage is one of the biggest costs in the home, so we’ve put together more top tips to help you or an elderly loved-one conserve water and save money on your water bills.

  • Fix dripping taps or leaks. It’s surprising how much water a tap can drip or leak through an entire day, so it’s important to get all taps, showers and toilets checked for drips or leaks – devices can be fitted to your toilet to reduce water wasteage when flushing. It is worth contacting your local water company to see if they can supply this.
  • Take showers instead of baths
  • Turn off taps when brushing teeth – dentists recommend cleaning your teeth for a full two minutes, so imagine how much water is being wasted if you leave your tap on for this amount of time
  • Watering the garden can mean using a lot of water. Use a hose with a trigger fitting. This can save water, as it is easier to control the flow and direction from a trigger nozzle than an ordinary hose.
  • Get yourself a big butt! Catch any rain that we do have during the summer months and store it ready for when it is needed. Rainwater is often better for the garden than tap water as it is softer and the right temperature for your plants.

In England and Wales you can get water saving gadgets from your local water company free of charge including shower heads, which regulate water usage, tap inserts to regulate the flow of water from your tap and save-a-flush bags, which you place in your toilet cistern so each flush uses less water.

Head to to see which freebies are available to you. If your water company doesn’t offer freebies through Save Water Save Money, contact it directly to see what’s available.

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