People losing retail jobs can transfer their skills to care

Kkills like good customer service gained in other industries are highly sought after in the care sector and we are urging anyone made redundant from a retail role to get in touch.

We want to reassure job seekers thinking of joining the care industry that many of the skills they already have are transferable between industries and that care can be a job for life for the right candidate.

Many people believe that the skills they’ve learnt in a certain industry means they’re restricted when it comes to seeking new employment, but we want to let them know that this simply isn’t true as many of the skills they already have can be adapted for a brand new industry, such as care.

People who work in retail for example have excellent customer service skills and know how to treat customers with respect and they are super helpful and friendly, and these are just some of the skills that our carers need when visiting our service user’s homes. Being trustworthy, organised, punctual, reliable and being able to undertake admin tasks are also some great skills that are transferrable between industries.

At the moment there are many companies in the retail sector such as Mothercare, House of Fraser and Poundland, which are restructuring and facing store closures, which may lead to a number of jobs being lost. We are offering people secure employment in the care industry, which can often mean a job for life. They’ll be able to bring all the experience they’ve acquired into the industry as well as gain much more through training.

Being a carer is a highly skilled, professional vocational occupation that is essential to the fabric of our society and the beauty of a job for life means people can start at the very bottom and work their way up with training and qualifications.

We are looking for kind, honest, caring and reliable individuals who wish to have a stable and long-term career in care, and who would like to forge rewarding relationships with the service users they care for.

No experience is necessary to become a carer as free, full training is offered, which includes a company induction, first aid, information on dementia, health and safety, food safety, infection control, handling medication and moving and handling service users, with the opportunity to achieve Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) after the initial six months probationary period.

New recruits are given free uniforms, access to national staff discount scheme for all major brands as well as 28 days paid holiday, paid travel between calls and paid mileage.

We also offer FaceTime or Skype interviews to candidates in order to meet the demands of the modern jobseeker. Our view is that busy people wanting a career change can ‘meet’ the team via FaceTime or similar applications and find out about the roles we have to offer, as well as meet a couple of team members and, if they are about, also say ‘hello’ to a carer too.

Anyone interested in joining the team at Abacare should get in touch.