How watching TV can be beneficial for the elderly

As we grow up we’re often told that we shouldn’t be watching too much TV and that it can be bad for your health to be sat still for hours on end staring at a screen, and while this is true, if watched in moderation it can be beneficial for many people, such as the elderly who find comfort in watching their favourite shows.

We have such a large variety of channels available to us these days that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Your loved-one might enjoy watching vintage movies, wildlife or history documentaries or they might even enjoy watching and getting inspiration from crafting and cooking channels. Watching something they’re interested and invested in can be great for focusing the mind for an hour or two.

There are also user-friendly TV remote controls available for older people, allowing them to operate the TV with ease.

Watching a public event on TV such as a football match or a concert can help an elderly person feel more connected and it also makes for a great conversation starter with friends, family or neighbours.

It’s also great for bringing families together. Certain TV moments, such as a Royal wedding, are not to be missed and are great for getting everyone gathered around, easing any loneliness or isolation an elderly person might feel.

We believe that all things should be done in moderation, so we wouldn’t recommend an elderly person spends their entire day in front of the TV, instead balance out a few hours of screen time with doing some gentle exercise, reading, crafts or even a puzzle/game.