World Alzheimer’s Month and how to participate

World Alzheimer’s Month, which was started by the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), was launched in 2012 and is observed all over the world every September.

It originally started out as World Alzheimer’s Day, which takes place on September 21, but was extended to include the full month of September in order to allow associations all over the world to get involved and to raise awareness over a longer period of time.

It also provides an opportunity to unite leaders, people with dementia, their carers and family, medical professionals, researchers and the media all around the world.

The ADI encourages organisations and individuals to host a variety of activities to show their support and raise money, these include:

  • Encouraging staff to wear a certain colour or dress a certain day – this can be on any day in September or on World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21.
  • Organise a memory walk in the community to help raise awareness
  • Host a social, entertainment or sports event to help raise funds for Alzheimer’s charities
  • Host an Alzheimer’s Café – this concept involves people with dementia and their carers meeting for social support over tea, coffee and maybe even cake. A great way to raise awareness and for people going through the same situations to receive support and meet other friendly faces
  • Include information about dementia and World Alzheimer’s Month in community or office newsletters or on noticeboards.

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