Celebrate National Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day has been celebrated in America since 1978, however it was not introduced to the UK until 1990 by the charity, Age Concern.

It is not as popular or commercial as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, but on Sunday, October 7, we think we should all show our grandparents just how much they mean to us if we can. We’ve come up with some ideas of ways you can celebrate if you’re still lucky enough to have your grandparents around:

  • Invite them over for a cup of tea, lunch or dinner. They will thoroughly enjoy getting out of the house and visiting you if they are able. If not, visit them instead
  • Take them to visit the houses/locations where they grew up and other memorable places
  • Create a family tree together – a great excuse to get out all the old family photographs and hear lots of interesting stories
  • Watch your grandparents’ favourite film together
  • Go on a day trip – a National Trust site is the perfect location for a lovely family day out or why not take a trip to the coast or simply just a walk in the park?
  • Take a photo together – there’s often lots of photos of you as a baby with your grandparents but not many as you get older, so take a new snap and have it printed and framed for you and your grandparents to keep.

Even if you can’t visit your grandparents, a card/letter or phone call will really make their day.