Helping an elderly loved-one to keep a clean and tidy home

Keeping an entire home clean and tidy is a tricky task for most of us, so imagine how hard it must be for an elderly person or someone who is not as mobile as we are. It requires a lot of energy, which your loved-one just might not have, so we have put together some top tips on how you can help them out:

Declutter all rooms

Clutter in the home can not only look messy, but it can also gather lots of dust, meaning more cleaning! The clutter often builds and builds and can start spilling out onto floors, creating a risk of tripping for the person living there, so it’s extremely important to really have a good de-clutter of items that your loved one doesn’t need, doesn’t want or hasn’t used in the last six months. If anything has a sentimental value or there’s anything that your loved-one really wants to keep, but they don’t use on a regular basis, make sure it is stored away properly.

Have a seasonal deep clean

As the seasons change it’s a good idea for your loved-one’s home to have a good, deep clean, so get all your family members involved and any willing neighbours or friends. Rid the house of unwanted germs, clutter and dust.

Have a weekly cleaning rota

Running a vacuum around the house, dusting surfaces, generally tidying up and cleaning kitchens and bathrooms will keep your loved-one’s home clean and liveable in-between deep cleans. Again, rope the family, friends and neighbours in to help.

Get organised

If your loved-one lives at home alone it’s important the home is organised well for them and that they don’t put themselves at risk when moving around or reaching for anything. Look at how rooms are set up and asses if they can be rearranged to be more convenient for them. Make sure they have easy access to objects around the house, so nothing they need on a regular basis should be on a high shelf and assess whether they need any aids installed around the house, such as hand rails to help them get in and out of baths/showers or up and down stairs.