A day in the life of a carer

Our carer, Dave Williams, from our Newtown branch is a keen poet in his spare time and has penned a poem all about a day in the life of a carer:

A day in the life of a carer

Woke up early this morning,

To the sound of the alarm clock ring,

Wondering to myself,

What will the coming day bring?

Breakfast and a cup of coffee,

Whilst relaxing in my chair,

Then upstairs to the bathroom,

For a wash, brush teeth, comb hair.

Lock front door behind me,

And embark on that day’s quest,

Double check my rota to see,

If there’s a chance for a quick ten-minute rest.

Arrive outside the first call,

Fix a smile upon my face,

Complete all that’s required,

Before moving on to the next place.

Get phone call from the office,

Hi Dave, any chance you could please cover a call,

Awe go on then if you’re desperate,

But remember I’m only human,

I can’t cover them all.

Plodding ever onwards,

Clocking up many a mile,

Out in all kinds of weather,

Always with a smile.

A day in the life of a carer,

Is not all about me,

In fact it’s the exact opposite,

It’s about the people I go to see.

Home, foot sore and weary,

Up to bed I make my way,

As my head hits the pillow I’m reminded,

Oh well tomorrow’s another day.