Christmas stocking fillers for the elderly

Last year we all put our heads together and came up with some great Christmas gift ideas for the elderly.

If you’d rather put together a collection of smaller, thoughtful gifts, then have a look at our list of stocking filler ideas, perfect for your elderly relative/neighbour/friend. The possibilities for stocking stuffer gifts are endless as you can tailor them to your loved-one’s personality, make them fun or practical. Here’s some of our ideas:

Mini hottie hand warmers

If you want an alternative to gloves, then gift a pair of hand warmers to your loved-one. Many shops sell festive and fun shaped and coloured ‘hand hotties’ that contain a reusable heat pack, which you activate with a click. They usually last 30 minutes to 1 hour and can be used again and again. They’re great if your loved-one enjoys going out on dog walks but finds the cold weather particularly bitter, or they can be used in the home for some extra warmth.

Stress ball

A stress ball can be great for an elderly person to exercise their hands, relieve stress, or just to play with when they’re bored. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes too,so there will be something to suit your loved-one’s personality.

Jar of homemade jam/chutney

There’s nothing better than a gift that’s homemade and your loved-one can enjoy jam on toast in the mornings or chutney with some delicious cheeses as an afternoon snack. Yum!


Pop in a selection of seeds that your loved-one can plant when the weather improves and watch grow.

Bed socks

Perfect for keeping feet warm at night.

Magnifying glass

A practical gift if your loved-one struggles with their sight.

Book light

If your loved-one enjoys reading, then why not invest in a handy book light that they can clip onto their book of choice in order to enjoy it during the darker evenings?


Pocket word search, Sudoku and crossword books are a great idea for keeping your loved-one’s mind active.They might also enjoy pocket sized puzzles such as Rubix cubes to help keep the brain and hands occupied.