Do you know who I am poem

Our talented poet and carer, Dave William’s, has penned another poem for us to share with you. This time he’s written it from the eyes of an elderly gentleman:

As I sit slumped in my chair in front of you

Do you know who I am?

In my mind’s eye I’m still me,

But all you see is a frail old man.

Do you know who I am?

I’m a person just like you,

I don’t mean to be a burden,

Each time you help me to use the loo.

I remember things from long ago,

But can’t recall my name,

I hear people whisper as they pass me by,

Ow isn’t it a shame.

Do you know who I am?

Do you even care?

Cause one day when my race is run,

You won’t see me sitting there.