Dementia-friendly Christmas gift ideas

It can be tricky when it comes to gift buying for family or friends, but we’re big advocates of the practical present, something that’s going to make the recipient’s day-to-day life just that little bit easier. For a person with dementia, a practical gift can be a huge help. We’ve put together some ideas for great gifts you can give this year to a loved-one with dementia:

Simple Music Player

The Simple Music Player, which was made especially for people with dementia,is ideal for anyone who finds modern technology difficult to use and is a great gift idea, so your loved-one can enjoy some of their favourite songs whenever they fancy. You can pre-load it with hundreds of songs and it has just three controls for them to master. 

Day and night clocks

A day and night clock shows a person living with dementia what the time is and has sun and moon illustrations to show them if it’s day or night time.

Talking watches/clocks

A talking clock can announce the time for a person who also has sight problems alongside their dementia.This watch has a large LCD display, shows the time and speaks it as well. It is designed with optional hourly announcements, as well as alarms to set as medication reminders.

Digital photo frame

Being surrounded by family photos can be a real comfort, so a digital photo frame is a great idea.It will rotate all of your loved-one’s favourite images on a timer, saving space on shelves and mantelpieces for other items. Great for reminiscence.

You can also get talking photo albums,which are installed with pre-recorded audio messages that play alongside photographs. Having that extra bit of audio information with the visuals can help trigger forgotten memories.

Large print playing cards

If your loved-one is a card player then large print cards are a great idea as they are easy to see and read. Playing card games is a great way to keep the mind active too and you could always play a couple of games together, getting in some of that important quality time.