How the elderly can get involved with New Year celebrations

Much like Christmas, the New Year is a great time for families to get together and celebrate, and we believe it’s important to make sure the elderly are not left out and feel included, so we’ve put together some top tips on ways you can ensure they are as involved as possible:

Share a meal together

New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be about loud parties,the celebrations can be something simple, like all cooking and eating a meal together. You can give your elderly loved-one simple preparation or cooking tasks,so they feel involved and they’ll thoroughly enjoy being surrounded by their family.

Reflect on years gone by

A great way of reminiscing is to talk about key moments in years gone by. You could even get the photo albums out to help jog everyone’s memories. It will no doubt lead to an evening full of funny family stories.

Play party games

Games can bring the whole family together and can lead to hours of fun – try bingo or charades, or you could even get board games out such as Uno or Scrabble.

Host a theme party

If you do want to go down the party route, why not host a party with a theme? If you have an elderly loved-one coming along then why not make it themed on a year they loved – maybe the 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s!They’ll thoroughly enjoy seeing all of the costumes and be taken on a trip down memory lane.