New website launched to promote benefits of music for people with dementia

We have previously blogged about music being beneficial to people with dementia, so we’re thrilled to have heard the news that the first ever information hub for advice, evidence-based research and expertise on why music is essential for people living with dementia and their carers, has been launched.

It is anticipated that there will be one million people living with dementia in the UK by 2021. Sadly, not everyone living with dementia has access to music and Music for Dementia 2020’s aim is to change this, by making music available to everyone living with dementia by 2020.

Bringing the music and dementia sectors together, this website is a first of its kind in demonstrating the importance of music in dementia care.

The auditory system of the brain is the first to fully function at just 16 weeks so we are musically receptive long before anything else. In dementia-type breakdown of memory it can be a case of first in, last out with regards music, which is why it can be such a helpful tool in the later stages.

No matter the genre, music can sooth, stimulate and bring to mind some long-forgotten memories.

The website promotes the wide range of musical activities available for people living with dementia, from how to compile a playlist through to advice on how to find a music therapist.

Grace Meadows, Programme Director for Music for Dementia 2020, said: “The website is a living, dynamic source of information.

“For someone living with dementia, music can be the lifeline, the connector that stops them from being locked away in a lonely and isolated world. Music, in its many forms; recorded, live, participatory, interactive, therapy, has the power to transform lives.

“There is some excellent work happening across the country, in people’s homes, the community, care settings, hospitals and hospices. However, this is not happening everywhere across the UK. This website is the major first step in helping to ensure that everyone living with dementia has access to the music that matters to them.”

We’re big advocates of using music to help people with dementia, so we will be encouraging our carers to use the website and help make the service users they look after’s days a little more musical.