We’re always prepared for bad weather

We will ensure all service users are reached despite freezing temperatures and forecasts of snow (January 24, 2019).

Our staff are going above and beyond to make sure everyone they look after is warm, well fed and hydrated.

We have had snow already with forecasts predicting more to come, but our biggest concern is the freezing temperatures, which cause havoc on the roads. However, we are always ready and well prepared, so our service users can rest assured we won’t let them down.

Our carers have been briefed to make sure all service users are warm enough, have eaten well and have had plenty to drink and before they leave they will check that the service user has easy access to blankets, hot drinks and hot water bottles.

Whatever the weather we will reach our service users. In the past one of our carers has been driven around to her care calls by a helpful neighbour after she couldn’t drive her car and we’ve even taken a carer to work by tractor before!

We become like an emergency service during bad weather situations, ensuring we don’t leave people without the vital care they need. We are committed to offering high quality care to individuals in their own homes and will continue to do this despite bad weather.

Obviously we take our carers’ health and safety into serious consideration and if they can’t make it in we find one of our other carers who can.