How baking can help someone with dementia

If you have a loved-one with dementia and struggle to find activities to do together, then baking is a great idea as it can help you both connect and engage more. It can also help your loved-one keep focused, help with reminiscence and minimise restlessness and boredom.

Decide on a recipe you’d like to bake together – it should be something simple and easy to follow. It could even be an old family favourite where the smell of ingredients can help trigger memories for you both.

Make sure you have all the ingredients out and ready to use. If they’re in labelled bowls or jars, then that is even better as your loved-one can identify everything easily. You could also use a contrasting colour of mixing bowl to the work surface to avoid any confusion.

Tasks such as mixing, whisking or kneading are great for someone with dementia as it helps them to still feel included in the process.

While you work you can have a good chat and perhaps even talk about the different foods your loved-one enjoyed eating and cooking/baking when they were younger.

Baking with someone with dementia is less about getting the perfect looking cake, it’s more about enjoying the activity together, spending quality time together and hopefully being able to reminisce. Finally, tasting your bake is a great sensory activity and gives you both a sense of achievement. Why not make baking together a regular thing?