Encouraging the sports sector to become more dementia-friendly

Back in December (2018) the Alzheimer’s Society launched a dementia-friendly finance guide for businesses to help them better support people with dementia to manage their finances.

It aimed to help financial organisations to understand the needs of people with dementia better and provide them with a better level of customer service.

We’re keen for the whole of the United Kingdom to become dementia-friendly, so are thrilled to see that the Society’s next step is to tackle the sports sector.

The Alzheimer’s Society has joined forces with Sport England to launch its first Dementia-Friendly Sport and Physical Activity Guide, calling on the sport sector to commit to becoming dementia-friendly and reducing the barriers that prevent people with dementia from taking part in sport and physical activity.

People living with dementia have as much right as anyone else to lead active lives and remain as independent for as long as possible, so it’s really important they can make use of leisure centres, sports clubs and gyms.

Exercising and playing sport can not only be physically beneficial for someone with dementia but can help improve self-esteem and mood.

As well as businesses, coaches, personal trainers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, or anyone looking to deliver physical activity, can use the guide. It aims to inform and educate readers so they have a better knowledge of dementia and how it affects people.

It also contains tools and guides and suggests activities and ideas suitable for delivery in a wide variety of settings, such as community halls, care homes and other non-traditional physical activity venues.

Get a copy of the guide HERE.