The benefits of respite breaks for carers

Caring for another person can be very demanding. We often encourage our professional carers to take well-earned breaks, but if you’re caring for a loved-one alongside work and family it can begin to get extremely stressful and draining, so it’s very important to take regular respite breaks.

Respite breaks can be vital to yours and your loved-one’s wellbeing. Although you might be family, there are always times when things can become a bit strained and you need some time to yourselves.

Taking a respite break can help you maintain your own sense of identity again and focus on your own needs and desires and do all the different activities that you enjoy and might not get time to do due to having to care for someone else.

You can be so busy caring for your loved-one and preventing them from feeling any social isolation by taking them on day trips and doing various activities that you yourself can start to suffer from it through lack of interaction with people your own age and with similar interests, so taking a respite break and catching up with friends and family, arranging plans and talking about anything but care is a must to maintaining a healthy social life.

You don’t have to jet off abroad to get away from it all, just taking a couple of days every now and then can help improve your mood, calm your nerves and decreases anxiety and stress and can leave you feeling a lot more fulfilled in your life.

We can provide an experienced and fully-trained live-in carer to come in and continue the care for your loved-one when you take a break. This helps reduce avoidable hospital admission and means there is little disruption to your loved-one’s regular day and their care plan.

Our respite care is centred on you, your loved one and your home. We have many families that ask us for on-going respite as this enables them to plan their breaks throughout the year in advance, often benefitting from the same carer each time.

You can find out more about our respite care services here.