Mental wellbeing could be linked to improved brain health in later life

Mental health and wellbeing is a huge topic at the moment and there is lots being done to educate and help us all with processing our own thoughts and feelings.

A new report launched by the Global Council on Brain Health has revealed that positive mental wellbeing is related to better brain health among older adults and it can even reduce the risk of dementia and cognitive decline later in life.

Poor mental wellbeing, such as having feelings of hopelessness, pessimism and depression, may interfere with the ability to think and reason, how we interact with others and how we manage emotions as we get older.

We have previously blogged about the physical changes and actions you can take to improve your fitness and health and help ward off, and reduce the risk of health issues, including dementia, but there are also some things you can do to improve your emotional wellbeing as you get older too.

  • Do something that allows you to have a sense of purpose – why not volunteer? Volunteering is a good way to stay healthy as getting out and about is a great form of exercise, no matter what age you are, and the sense of fulfilment is good for the mind too. Read more about the benefits of volunteering here.
  • Try to establish meaningful connections with people, whether this is friends or family or even a neighbour, it can be great for your mental wellbeing to have people to talk to regularly. If you can, join a group in your community – this could be a regular coffee morning group or maybe an arts and crafts club, whatever it is that can get you out of the house and meeting new faces
  • Disconnect from screens as much as possible – start off slowly by setting aside an hour where you don’t look at a computer, TV or mobile phone screen. You can gently increase this and ensure you stay away from them for at least an hour before going to sleep. Getting a good night’s can have a positive effect on your mental health
  • Do something you enjoy every day or as much as possible – you could find a new hobby or make time for something such as reading or crafting. Focusing your mind and not worrying about other issues can be great for mental wellbeing.