How card games can benefit cognitive health

You might think there’s nothing to playing a game of cards, however the skills required can help maintain a higher level of cognitive health.

Playing cards

Short-term memory is continuously tested when you play a game of cards. Players need to keep up with an evolving deck, the rules of each game and the different strategies needed.

Many games require players to interpret complex signals from other players, which activates multiple areas of the brain at the same time. If you’re playing Rummy or Poker for example, you’ll be watching other players in order to evaluate their mannerisms and body language while also keeping focused on your own hand.

Card games rely heavily on players having to solve simple calculations and maths problems quickly, which is a vital component of maintain cognitive health. Games also involve socialising and verbal interaction with others, so if you or a loved-one are bored of an evening, get the playing cards out and have a game.