Care industry can be one of the most rewarding

The care industry can be one of the most rewarding to work in and it provides a job for life to the right candidates.

Carer and service user

Care givers list job satisfaction, building friendships with those they work with and care for and the chance to further their qualifications as the key benefits of working in the profession.

The recent ‘Social Care Workforce Study’ says the care sector needs to recruit 128,000 new members of staff every year to meet increasing demand, and while this is a very daunting task, we need to approach it with positivity and continue portraying the industry in a positive light and hearing from those on the front line in order to attract new recruits.

This is something we always aim to do with our recruitment as we believe that showing real people working in the industry and loving it can do wonders. We regularly poll our team to find out how they feel about the profession and their role, and the overwhelming response is one of great love for their job and the service users they care for. We believe if more people knew about the benefits, job satisfaction and potential to have a job for life, then they’d be inclined to sign up.

Being a carer is a highly skilled, professional vocational occupation that is essential to the fabric of our society and the beauty of a job for life means people can start at the very bottom and work their way up with training and qualifications.

In other industries, how often can you make someone’s day? How often can you put a smile on someone’s face and how often can you bring a real change to someone’s life and potentially even save their life? In care, making a difference like this can be a daily occurrence, bringing immense satisfaction and fulfilment.

The study also revealed the care sector has the highest staff turnover rate of all sectors in the UK.

It’s concerning to hear that one in three workers leave the sector every year, but it’s up to care providers like us to ensure staff are well looked after and receive benefits and training in their position to help with job satisfaction and to reduce the number of leavers. This is something we’re passionate about doing as having long serving staff really benefits our service users as it means they see a regular friendly face.

We provide all training needed. Our company induction includes first aid, dementia awareness, health and safety, food safety, infection control, handling medication and moving and handling service users. Staff also have the opportunity to achieve Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) levels 2, 3 and 5 after an initial six months probationary period.

We also provide free uniforms, a discount card scheme where staff and future employees receive access to great discounts with major retailers including Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Boots and Argos.

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