Easter activities for people with dementia

Easter can be an overwhelming time of year for people with dementia. It can be busy and loud if there’s a family get together and it can be a time of year that brings mixed feelings, such as a sense of loss of a partner or loved-one who might have passed away, and memories of Easters gone past.


It’s important at this time of year that a person with dementia is made to feel as involved as possible, but if you’re struggling for some activities to do together, then we’ve put together some ideas:

Make Easter cards

Crafting is a great way to keep the mind active and writing cards is a great way to improve memory too. Set out everything you need such as coloured card, pens, pencils, stickers and let your loved-one get creative.

Create lavender sachets

The scent of lavender can help sooth anxiousness and can help stimulate memory, so get together with your loved-one and pack small, colourful sachets with lavender seeds. Once filled, you can tie/glue or sew them shut and pop them around the house in drawers and cupboards so your loved-one can enjoy a burst of scent wherever they go.

Bake together

Baking is a great way to bring family members together and for a person with dementia to feel included as they can still do lots of jobs such as weighing, mixing and decorating. Simnel cake is a good one to bake as it can evoke lots of memories for a person with dementia – they may have enjoyed baking and eating it as a child, so it’s a great conversation starter.

Start a windowsill herb garden

Easter signifies new life and as it’s also spring, now is the perfect time to start growing and giving new life to plants. Planting a windowsill herb garden is a great stimulating activity for someone with dementia and can offer many lasting benefits. The herbs can also be used in cooking as they grow. Check out our top tips on keeping windowsill herbs.

Attend a service

It can be a tradition for many elderly people to attend a church service at Easter, so see if there is one taking place in your local area. Getting dressed up for church and hearing an Easter sermon and hymns can bring back cherished memories for a loved-one with dementia.

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