People in Wales with dementia can claim council tax reduction

We have previously blogged about the help that is available to the elderly and vulnerable of Wales, that they might not be aware of, including free bus travel, help with home improvements, a free smoke alarm fitting service and more, but did you know that people with a medically certified condition, such as dementia, may be eligible for a council tax discount? 


In England, Scotland and Wales, a person who has been medically certified as having a permanent severe mental impairment (SMI), such as dementia, and who is entitled to a disability benefit, could be entitled to a reduction in council tax or even an exemption if the person with dementia is living alone. 

We believe that every little helps when it comes to living with a condition such as dementia. Saving money where possible is absolutely crucial to the elderly and vulnerable as they are often on very tight budgets, so we would recommend anyone reading this to see if they’re eligible, or have a loved-one/carer take a look into it for them. 

Dementia UK is currently campaigning to have the SMI term renamed to Degenerative Cognitive Impairment, as many find SMI derogatory and that is doesn’t reflect degenerative cognitive conditions such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease. 

The Government has a dedicated website with details of the discount and a handy leaflet you can use to see if you or a loved-one are eligible for a discount.

The Welsh Government has also recently launched a standardised form, so it’s easier for vulnerable families to make a claim. The new SME council tax reduction form will now be distributed by all Welsh councils.