We’re hosting #ChangeLives care awareness week

We are hosting our first ever #ChangeLives week to raise awareness of what it is like to work in the care industry and how rewarding it can be.

Social media

We want to change people’s preconceived ideas about the industry and are hosting the week on social media from May 20 until 24 and will be using the hashtag #ChangeLives to spread the word.

Care work can often be portrayed as an undervalued profession and something people go into if they don’t have any qualifications, which is why we are consistently campaigning for it to be taken more seriously as a career.

We want people to see what it’s really like and just how rewarding it can be. How often can you make someone’s day in your job? How often can you put a smile on someone’s face and how often can you bring a real change to someone’s life and potentially even save their life? In care, making a difference like this can be a daily occurrence, bringing immense satisfaction and fulfilment, which is why we have launched our first ever care awareness week to show people this.

Throughout the week we will be posting on Facebook and on Twitter using the hashtag #ChangeLives, so people following can see how our carers help to change lives in their communities through the care work they do.

We’ll be posting pictures, stories and videos from the very carers that are out working in the field. They’ll be visiting service users, carrying out training, giving inspiration to others who might want to work in the industry and answering the general public’s questions, so please give us a follow and keep an eye on your feed during the week.

The topics covered on social media during the week are:

  1. A day in the life of… follow our carer as they go about their day-to-day duties
  2. Train with us… take a look at what our training involves
  3. The rewards of being a carer… hear from our carers about how rewarding the industry can be
  4. How we #ChangeLives… hear from our service users about how Abacare has changed their life
  5. Ask us anything about care and working in the care industry.